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Orthopedic Medical Manual Massage
What is Orthopedic Functional Manual Massage?
  • An encompassing of specialized modalities that alleviate pain related with soft tissue deviations and injuries through a comprehensive therapeutic program.
  • Integrates orthopedic testing, gait analysis, soft tissue alignment techniques, and involved isolated stretching.
  • Anatomically accurate evaluation, patient specific.

What to expect with an Orthopedic session visit.
Initial Consultation: Comprehensive evaluation to determine therapeutic program for frequency and duration. At that time, a therapeutic program will be discussed to include reevaluation dates. Minimum 55 minute in duration.

Follow up sessions: Functional therapy and further progress notation until therapy target is achieved. Minimum of 30 minutes/ per session.

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Functional Massage Therapy
Focuses on specific muscular areas to help reduce tension and increase mobility. Incorporates myofascial release, neuromuscular and trigger point therapy.
Orthopedic Sports Massage
Prepares the body for physical activity. This is most beneficial for participants of regular exercise to reduce injuries while maintaining optimal body condition.
Pediatric Massage
Improves posture, enhances concentration and attentiveness, and nourishes muscles to promote injury-free participation in athletics. Parent must be present during sessions.
All services are provided in the following time sessions:

25 minutes...$60

55 minutes...$90
85 minutes...$130
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